Foneclay is the most significant step forward in the mobile evolution since the introduction of the smartphone. Until now, smartphone users had to accept the mobile experience as defined by device manufacturers and carriers. Foneclay ends that paradigm by giving smartphone users limitless possibilities in how they can interact with their smartphones and empower content creators/artists and end users to re-imagine what the smartphone can do.

Foneclay development studio system (patented technologies) enables Users, Artists, Brands and Content-creators/Publishers to turn inspiration into digital creation: its suite of cloud-based services which was built for the users to easily design, style, test and distribute Wallfeed (Dynamic Live Wallpapers), Fones (User Interfaces) and Apps (Mobile Applications) for mobile devices and tablets using a visual interface. The cloud eco-system enables ones creation to be styled, re-mixed and shared fostering creativity and creating a viral spread.

Foneclay founded in 2009, is a San Diego, USA-based Company with operations in Italy, India and Japan.

Foneclay is a new paradigm in mobile technology!


Isaac Eteminan

President and CEO

Isaac is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience as a proven technology executive, with a history of building effective teams and bringing innovative products to market.

Prior to Foneclay, Isaac was a Vice President at Qualcomm, Chipset Division. Before Qualcomm, Isaac was founder, CEO of Qualphone, a Technology Company providing Core Embedded IP Multimedia System and related media systems. Qualphone was eventually acquired by Qualcomm.

Prior to Qualphone, Isaac was founder & CTO of Sonim. Isaac developed the initial Push-To-Talk idea from concept to a product over commercial wireless networks. Isaac is the main contributor to the OMA Push-to-talk standards.

Prior to Sonim, Isaac was president of SpaceTelecom, focused on Advanced Satellite Communication System Design working with Motorola. Isaac worked with Nortel for 12 years as an architect in design and development of telecom and wireless technologies. Isaac is the author/co-author of several key patents in the area of wireless technologies.

Marco Carosi

Managing Director, Europe

Marco is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in telecom and wireless technology.

Prior to Foneclay, Marco was a Senior Director at Qualcomm Europe responsible for supporting Qualcomm OEM customers and Qualcomm Chipset products.

Prior to Qualcomm, Marco was founder and European Managing Director of Qualphone, a Technology Company providing Core Embedded IP Multimedia System and related media applications. Qualphone was eventually acquired by Qualcomm.

Prior to Qualphone, he was founder and managing director of an independent software development and consultancy company focusing on wireless market. Prior to this, Marco was with Nuova Telespazio, Roma working as a senior architect on several projects for Motorola Iridium, ESA, Inmarsat, European Commission and others.

Marco also contributed to standardization activities carried out by ETSI/CEPT and is the co-author of several key patents.

Scott Dresden

VP, Business Development / Strategy

Scott Dresden has done strategic advisement for technology startups for 10 years. He has advised governments, law firms, investment funds and corporate technology executives on strategic marketing for the mobile and wireless markets. He has helped companies as diverse as medical device manufacturers to wireless IP companies achieve successful exits.

Harish Shanthi Kumar

Director of Engineering, India

Harish is a mobile wireless technologist with over 12 years of experience in mobile embedded platform/OS technologies.

Prior to Foneclay, Harish was senior member of IP Multimedia Architecture Team at Qualcomm where he led the architecture/design and porting of IP Multimedia system to Qualcomm Chipset technologies.

Prior to Qualcomm, he was a lead architect at Qualphone which was eventually acquired by Qualcomm.

Before Qualphone, he worked at Sonim where he was involved in architecture/design of OMA Push-to-talk mobile embedded technology.